Olivia Anderson

Senior Culinary Producer

Olivia Anderson

Olivia Anderson is a Senior Culinary Producer at Eitan Productions. In her role, Anderson produces culinary content across the company's collection of influential media properties and brand partnerships.

Based on her extensive expertise in journalism and digital media, Anderson is responsible for content development across a variety of platforms, including social media, literary, live television, and media outlets. Her work in the test kitchen reaches 300 million annual viewers in more than 150 countries, which accumulates over 3 billion views every year.

During her career at Eitan Productions, she has produced campaigns for partners including Walmart, DoorDash, PayPal, NBC, Parade Magazine, and Penguin Random House.

Anderson leverages nearly a decade of industry experience at America’s largest media companies where she has focused on growth strategy, team innovation, and talent acquisition. Before joining Eitan Productions, Anderson was responsible for editorial recruitment for New York Magazine at Vox Media. She previously held positions at The Atlantic and Quartz.

Originally from North Carolina, Anderson earned her Bachelor of Arts at Elon University. After moving to New York City from Washington D.C., she subsequently earned her culinary degree from the Institute of Culinary Education.


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