Olivia Anderson

Culinary Producer & Executive Assistant to Eitan Bernath

Olivia Anderson

Olivia Anderson is a Culinary Producer at Eitan Productions and Executive Assistant to Eitan Bernath. In her role, Anderson leads the company's versatile operations, advancing global connectivity across the studio's business ventures while externally and internally elevating EP's vision, transformative work, and extraordinary influence.

As Culinary Producer, Anderson oversees the development of a global production strategy for the company's Culinary and Production divisions. She is responsible for overseeing interdisciplinary operations across various business affairs, implementing strategic initiatives to foster efficiency for content production, culinary development, and brand partnerships based on her extensive expertise in journalism, digital media, and talent management.

She oversees a team of strategists and renowned culinary experts that create immersive content distributed in over 200 countries that accumulate over 2 billion annual views from 190 million consumers. During her career at Eitan Productions, she has produced national and global campaigns for partners such as O, The Oprah Magazine, and The Drew Barrymore Show with her 10-plus years of experience in cultural transformation, innovation, entrepreneurialism, and digitally-led thinking.

Anderson leverages nearly a decade of industry experience at high-profile media companies where she has focused on growth strategy, team innovation, and talent acquisition. Before joining Eitan Productions, Anderson worked at Vox Media where she was responsible for editorial recruitment for New York Magazine. She previously held positions at The Atlantic and Quartz.

Originally from North Carolina, Anderson earned her B.A. at Elon University. After moving to New York City from Washington D.C., she subsequently earned her culinary degree from the Institute of Culinary Education.


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