Noah Schultz

Chief of Staff

Noah Schultz

Noah Schultz is Chief of Staff at Eitan Productions, where he oversees all business affairs across the company globally.

In his role, Noah plays a strategic role in operationalizing Eitan Productions' capabilities, driving the company's extensive resources across a slate of media ventures. He ensures the right capabilities, processes, and platforms exist so teams across Eitan Productions are well positioned for sustained growth, with responsibility across administration, finance, accounting, legal, public relations, human resources, real estate, production, marketing, and philanthropy.

In his role, Schultz provides strategic direction across the company's brand experiences and digital media properties, ensuring the company's largest engagements continue to pursue ambitious growth and development. In addition, he oversees multi-platform distribution for all Eitan Productions brands, including internationally syndicated content that reaches over 300 million consumers annually, accumulating over 3 billion views from more than 150 countries each year.


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