Doja Cat Bernath

Executive Assistant to Cardi Bernath

Doja Cat Bernath

Doja Cat serves as the Executive Assistant to Cardi Bernath at Eitan Productions, where she works closely with our Director of Paw-blicity to provide administrative support within his office.

In her role, Doja oversees the day-to-day operations of the Office of Cardi Bernath, which includes overseeing Cardi's engagements, sleep schedule, and maintaining his litter box.

A native of SoHo, Doja joined Eitan Productions from Animal Haven in September 2022. Outside of her work at Eitan Productions, Doja enjoys kitten around with her brother Ernie. Doja is an avid culinary enthusiast who's favorite dishes are tempurra and cappurrcinos.

Doja is a co-chair of the Feline@EP employee resource group.

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