Cardi Bernath

Director of Paw-blicity

Cardi Bernath

After a humble upbringing in the Garden State, Cardi returned to his native New York City where he assumed the role of Director of Paw-blicity at Eitan Productions, reporting to himself and nobody else. Working his entire life (nearly a year, although he describes it as feeling like fifteen), he plays an integral role in office productivity with his pleasant disposition and consummate professionalism. Always the first to greet fellow team members at the door, he uses his innate knowledge of human nature to gain their trust, confidence, and eventually their hearts.

Being only able to see in black and white, Cardi was initially challenged by the concept of culinary creativity. But never shy to mark his territory, he has quickly established himself as a dominant force in the global culinary community thanks to his sixth sense of the industry and his ability to sniff out up-and-coming dishes.

An aficionado of feline delicacies, Cardi’s favorite dish is Purina One cat food, which he describes as having a pur-fect balance of flavors. When not working, Cardi enjoys the finest luxuries of life – dining out at the best restaurants in town and shopping in Downtown Manhattan's exclusive boutiques. His interests include laser pointers, belly rubs, walks around the studio, and workplace gossip.


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