EP Appoints Rachel Dolfi as Executive Culinary Producer

Dolfi, an industry veteran, joins the companies culinary arm to elevate test kitchen operations for in-house brands and partner ventures


NEW YORK, NY — DECEMBER 1, 2020 — Eitan Productions today announced Rachel Dolfi will be joining the companies culinary team as Executive Culinary Producer to lead new content production initiatives for the studios in-house ventures and partner brands.

Dolfi, an industry veteran, most recently served as Food Editor at FeedFeed.

In her new role, Dolfi will be responsible for the culinary vision and operations of Eitan Productions in-house brands across all platforms as well as content production for partner ventures, leading the team of renown culinary experts at the company. Dolfi most recently served as Food Editor at FeedFeed, where she produced interdisciplinary food content for the companies social media brands. Her appointment takes effect on January 1, 2021.

"Rachel is so incredibly talented and we're incredibly excited to elevate our content with her amazing knowledge and skills."

"Rachel is so incredibly talented and we're incredibly excited to elevate our content with her amazing knowledge and skills," said Eitan Bernath, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Eitan Productions.

Dolfi began her career nearly a decade ago in the restaurant industry and received her culinary degree from The Culinary Institute of America. An expert in culinary arts, her independent editorial work has been published in a variety of high-profile publications, including Insider and Saveur Magazine.


To read Dolfi's official bio, please click here.

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