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Eitan Eats the World

New Comfort Classics to Cook Right Now
Available on May 3, 2022

Every time 19-year-old Eitan Bernath tastes something, he immediately thinks, How can I make this myself? From burgers to beer bread, tacos to (mushroom) cheesesteaks, and every kind of potato preparation you can imagine, Eitan has obsessively created and re-created all of the amazing flavors and textures he loves, sharing them with infectious energy and insatiable curiosity for millions of fans across social media.

In Eitan Eats the World, he channels his high energy passion for all things delicious into 85inventive and approachable recipes for every craving. Overflowing with the “You can definitely do this!” attitude that catapulted Eitan into the media spotlight, this debut cookbook will charm and inspire readers to get in the kitchen and start having fun.

HC ISBN: 9780593235362
100 Full-Color Photos
8x10 • 240 Pages
$29.99 US ($38.99 CAN)

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