Zeke Gase

Video Editor

Zeke Gase

Zeke Gase is a Video Editor at Eitan Productions, where he is responsible for post-production operations across a variety of digital platforms and formats. In his role, Gase handles content editing for the studio's premier portfolio of culinary, lifestyle, and cultural content across Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube.

Working in collaboration with the internal production team, Gase's work focuses on establishing a strategic vision for Eitan Productions’ burgeoning creative output. His ambition and post-production innovation inspires growth across the company’s digital properties, which acquire over three billion views annually from more than three hundred million consumers.

A graduate of Brooklyn College, Gase holds his Bachelor of Arts in Film Production. Prior to assuming his current role at Eitan Productions, he produced films for Artistic Tile.


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